Thursday, December 3, 2015

PLDT DSL Plan 999 Gets Speedy, Now Up to 3Mbps

PLDT, the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines, is proud to announce that DSL Plan 999 is now upgraded to 3 Mbps [originally 1 Mbps]. In 2012, PLDT increased the speed of the said plan to 1.5 Mbps. Thus, this is the third time that they are upgrading it. They increased the plan connection speed by 100%.

PLDT DSL Plan 999

The speed boost is part of PLDT's commitment to bring speedy DSL connection to their subscribers. They already started rolling out the upgrade to all active Plan 999 subscriptions, though they did not provide a specific time-frame for the completion. As per their customer service, the upgrade is being done by batch. Subscribers are advised to monitor their connection speed through from time to time.

Current Plan 999 subscribers don't need to manually request an upgrade as PLDT will do it automatically on their end.

The upgrade is free. Subscribers will be billed the same monthly plan cost of PHP1690.74 [tax-inclusive].

Here's the breakdown of fees for reference:

Plan 999 Monthly Bill - Breakdown of fees

Note: I used layman's term to avoid confusion. Monthly bill might increase if value-added services or add-ons, for example Super Bundle, are added.

Subscribing to DSL or Fam Plan 999

Customers who are interested to apply for Fam Plan 999 will also get the same speed boost. It includes unlimited connection up to 3 Mbps plus landline service with unlimited local calls.

Installation, as per the PLDT Home website [as of writing], costs PHP1,100.00. That's a one-time fee. You may try applying over the phone and check if you can get it for free. Before I updated this post, the installation fee is actually waived. WiFi modem is also free. There are various channels to choose from where you can apply for the service and you may want to check them one-by-one for a good deal. The promotion varies from time to time. If you get the installation and modem fee for free, then you'll just be billed for the standard monthly charge. Expect, of course, prorated charge on your first bill, or to put it simply, your first bill will be higher compared to the succeeding bills.

Fam Plan 999 is optimized for online gaming, video streaming and video chat. For first-time subscribers, a one-year lock-in period for DSL service and a two-year contract for the landline service will apply. PLDT, as per their customer service, do not offer dry loop [DSL without landline].

Beware of the hefty termination fee if you think you will not be able to use the service for a year or two. Go to this post if you want to know more about the termination fee.

Lastly, before filing an application, make sure to prepare your documents. Check the list here.


  • December 4, 2015 - This post has been transferred from StarrGuide to this blogspot domain. Added new screenshots. Post was revamped. Comments were not migrated. Originally posted on: July 25, 2013
  • December 15, 2015 - Added link: Cancelling a PLDT DSL Account
  • December 30, 2015 - Added info about dry loop
  • January 11, 2016 - Added info about value-added services


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  1. What if I don't want to include the landline plan? Is it okay? How much should I pay?

    1. I'm not really sure if PLDT offers a dry loop DSL. I have a colleague who used to work in PLDT customer service before and he told me that such service exists, but the reps I have talked to in the past confirmed that landline service is a must.

  2. I'm currently availing that plan. And its no good. That 1,690php is only good for 3months. After that my regular monthly bill is 1,740php because of the caller id which they included during the installation. And the internet speed really sucks!!

    1. You can cancel that, isn't it? [Not sure with the possible setback that you are now being billed regularly for the add-on]. I actually remember creating a review about that on my old domain. The "Super Bundle" which includes the Caller ID is good for three months and PLDT will start billing you on the fourth month. If you don't find it useful, why not call them instead to have it cancelled and see if you can get a refund? :) I also remember calling customer service before to have mine cancelled. The extra charge was stopped, but the caller ID device still worked surprisingly. I even used it for a year before I finally ditched it.


  3. Do they have retention if you cancel service out of contract?

    1. Never heard of a retention program from PLDT. When I request termination of a previous account under my mother's name, PLDT just asked for the reason, and after a few days, they processed it. Never got an offer or anything.

  4. I see. Thought i can get a better rate if i threaten to cancel, like most of the company in the u.s. anyway i requested for the cancellation earlier they called and verify and then process it. The rep told me that someone will call me. Hoping to get a representative from cancellation team. ������


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